Spear Projects

Infrastructure Development

There is a growing need for physical infrastructure development in Sri Lanka to build and upgrade water supply, healthcare, ports, airports, roads, energy and related sectors. Certain development projects are undertaken with the co-operation of the public and private sector to ensure economic efficiency and long-term sustainability. Spear Global Holdings identifies reputed organizations that are able to offer high quality products or services and unique technological solutions to support the growing infrastructure requirements in Sri Lanka. Our focus is primarily on two sectors of development namely water and healthcare.


Innovative Solutions for Clean Water

Water is probably the most valuable natural resource. In Sri Lanka, with the phenomenal growth of the economy and infrastructure the demand for water management systems is increasing especially in sectors such as Agriculture, Irrigation and Power Generation. With such extensive uses, there is a strong need to improve the quality of potable water countrywide.


Turnkey Healthcare Solutions

Since the end of the civil conflict, steps have been taken to improve the quality of healthcare throughout the country. As Sri Lanka transitions towards its goal of becoming a high income nation there is a growing demand for state of the art healthcare facilities that are tailored to local needs and adhere to the highest international standards.